Leaving Las Vegas • Greg & Kara Shift into RV LIFE

Kara and I were forced into full-time RV living due to the pandemic, with only 60 days to prepare. 

As self-employed people, we faced financial instability if we failed to transition into a full-time RV lifestyle.

During those 60 days and sleepless nights, somehow the choices we made became some of the most rewarding of our lives. 

There is no doubt that some of the RVers and digital nomads on YouTube helped us gain the knowledge and confidence to succeed. 

So to help others like us get through similar situations, we are sharing some experiences and learned words of wisdom on our website (MostlyOffGrid.com) and YouTube channel (YouTube.com/MostlyOffGrid).

Kara and I believe that everyone should learn to be self-sufficient and consider an RV lifestyle plan (just in case the shite hits the fan).

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Cheers! – Greg

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