Berkey Water Filters: Our Pick For The Most Cost-Effective Option

Berkey water filters are designed to have a long lifespan, which make them more cost-effective over time compared to filters that require frequent replacement.

6,000 Gallons! Each pair set of Black Berkey Purification Components can purify up to 6,000 gallons (or about 5 years of typical use) before needing replacement.

Additionally, Berkey water filters are designed to be very efficient and remove a wide range of impurities, including bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals, which can make them more cost-effective than filters that only remove a limited range of impurities.

Not to mention, the filter elements can be cleaned and reused, which is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option.

The Berkey Water Filter also comes in different sizes to suit different needs, the Big Berkey and Royal Berkey are designed for larger families or groups, while the Travel Berkey is designed for individuals or small groups who want a portable option.

When choosing the right Berkey water filter for your RVing lifestyle, it’s important to consider your water storage capacity, the size of your group, and your RV’s storage space.

“Kara and I would refer the Big Berkey but use the Travel Berkey because it fits nicely on the kitchen counter, under the microwave. However, we’re considering a second Travel Berkey in case something happens. Although we’ve been happy with the Travel Berkey over the past two years, full-time RVers know sometimes you need a backup Berkey.”

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Berkey Water Filters are…

  • made of durable stainless steel and are designed to last for many years
  • made with high-quality materials and are designed to withstand daily use
  • backed by a manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind
  • independently tested and certified by various organizations for their water purification capabilities
  • self-sterilizing and do not require any chemicals to clean
  • easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and maintenance
  • easy to clean and maintain, with no special tools or equipment required
  • do not require electricity or water pressure to operate
  • can be used in emergency situations, such as natural disasters or power outages
  • often used in off-grid living situations, such as RVing and tiny home living
  • portable and easy to take with you on camping trips, hiking excursions, and other outdoor activities
  • use a filtration method called “gravity-fed microfiltration”
  • filter water at a high flow rate, allowing for quick and efficient filtration
  • filter up to 3,000 gallons of water before needing replacement
  • used with a variety of water sources, including tap water, well water, and even water from lakes and rivers
  • can be paired with additional filters, such as the Berkey PF-2 filter, for even greater water purification capabilities

Berkey Water Filters are able to remove…

  • odors and bad tastes 
  • microplastics, which can be found in water sources around the world
  • heavy metals, including lead and mercury
  • bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, and other harmful contaminants
  • chlorine, chloramines, and fluoride 
  • microorganisms, such as E coli and giardia
  • pathogens, such as cryptosporidium and Legionella pneumophila
  • volatile organic compounds, such as pesticides and herbicides
  • industrial pollutants, such as benzene and PCBs
  • pharmaceuticals, such as ibuprofen and naproxen
  • heavy metals, such as lead and mercury
  • radioactive particles, such as cesium and strontium
  • chloramines, which are commonly used as a disinfectant in municipal water systems
  • fluoride, which is often added to municipal water systems as a public health measure
  • arsenic, which can occur naturally in water
  • harmful nitrates and nitrites, which can occur in water due to agricultural and industrial activities
  • iron, which can cause water to have a metallic taste and stain clothing and fixtures
  • sulfur, which can cause water to have a rotten egg smell
  • aluminum, which can occur in water due to industrial processes
  • manganese, which can occur in water due to natural processes
  • copper, which can occur in water due to corrosion of pipes
  • lead, which can occur in water due to corrosion of pipes
  • mercury, which can occur in water due to industrial activities
  • sediment, which can cause water to be cloudy and can clog pipes
  • endocrine disruptors, which can mimic hormones in the body and cause health problems
  • algal toxins, which can occur in water due to algal blooms
  • microorganisms that can cause water-borne illnesses
  • chemicals that can be found in water sources due to industrial activities
  • bacteria, such as salmonella and cholera
  • viruses, such as norovirus and rotavirus

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