The Struggle Is Real • Our Off-Grid RV Living Challenges

Greg & Kara hope you enjoy this compilation music video that takes a raw and honest look at the challenges of full-time RV living off-grid in the desert.

This video features a collection of footage from our daily lives, highlighting the ups and downs of living on the road and relying on our RV as our only home.

As we travel through the deserts of the Southwest, we encounter a variety of challenges, from the harsh and unforgiving climate to the difficulties of finding reliable sources of water and electricity.

Despite these challenges, we also discover the beauty and freedom that comes with living off-grid and experiencing the natural world in all its glory.

The video is set to an original soundtrack that captures the emotions and energy of our journey, from the highs of exploring new places and making unforgettable memories to the lows of dealing with broken down equipment and unexpected setbacks.

Throughout the video, we share our own personal struggles and triumphs, and offer a glimpse into the realities of full-time RV living in the desert.

We hope that our story will inspire others to take the leap and pursue their own dreams of living on the road, and will serve as a reminder that even when things get tough, the journey is always worth it.

“The Struggle Is Real • Our Off-Grid RV Living Challenges” is a must-watch for anyone who dreams of living a life on the road, and wants to see the challenges it entails and how to overcome them.

The video thumbnail “Don’t Show O.S.H.A. This” features an image of a forklift driver lifting an air conditioner installer to the roof of Greg & Kara’s RV.

This is a playful warning, suggesting that the scene depicted in the thumbnail and video isn’t in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

Believe it or not, the video depicts a “professional” installation of an air conditioner on the RV, where a forklift is used as a makeshift crane to lift the air conditioner and installer to the roof of the RV.

This method is not considered safe, and it is not recommended by OSHA, as the forklift is not designed to lift people, and it lacks the proper safety features such as guardrails and harnesses.

The title “Don’t Show O.S.H.A. This” is a tongue-in-cheek way of acknowledging that the scene depicted in the thumbnail is not in compliance with OSHA regulations, and it is not intended to be a guide on how to properly install an air conditioner on an RV.

It is important to note that safety should always be the top priority and it’s important to follow the regulations and guidelines set by OSHA and other safety organizations.

It is always safer to hire “professionals” for any kind of installations or repairs to avoid any accidents or injuries.

MUSIC: GO WITH THE FLOW by Jesse Lawrence • Courtesy of

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